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This week on Outside Xbox

The Cave, Dead Space 3 and Minecraft clones.

Greetings, Eurogamers. This week, we've been spelunking through Double Fine's downloadable puzzler The Cave. It's the star of Show of the Week, in which we hail the adventure game - a genre pronounced dead more frequently than Doctor Who and that keeps coming back in new and hipper forms, much like the Doctor also.

Cover image for YouTube videoShow of the Week - The Cave! Adventure Games! Etc!

Speaking of new and hipper forms, Isaac Clarke begins Dead Space 3 in what our future civilisation will call a "leather jacket". See for yourself in the video below, in which associate producer Yara Khoury speculates on the potential of Dead Space's rich and scary universe. Dead Space without Isaac Clarke "would be possible", she says:

Cover image for YouTube videoDead Space 3 Interview - Dead Space Without Isaac Clarke 'Would Be Possible'

CastleMiner and CastleMiner Z were just declared the two most popular Indie Games on Xbox Live last year, but they're far from the only Minecraft rip-offs. The Indie Games portion of Xbox Live's Marketplace is a veritable clone army. Though a few are perfectly competent replicas with added guns, zombies or Xbox Live avatars, most are twitching abominations of XNA code. We sample them without discrimination:

Cover image for YouTube videoLet's Play Minecraft Clones Indie Games - CastleMiner Z, Miner of Duty, Miner4ever

That's the round-up rounded up. If you're playing The Cave this weekend and get hopelessly stuck, consider these video walkthroughs your heroic rescue party. Otherwise, see you next week!