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Elite: Dangerous fully funded with 52 hours to go

Mac version and more ships listed as stretch goals.

Elite: Dangerous, Frontier Developments and David Braben's follow-up to his classic space trading series, has reached its Kickstarter goal of £1,250,000 with 52 hours to go.

If the total tally climbs to £1.4 million by then a Mac version will be released approximately three months after the PC version in March 2014. At £1.5 million an additional 10 playable ships will be added.

A new reward tier has also been added at £25, which grants backers a digital copy of the game upon release along with 500 credits to the game's default starting option. Anyone who already pledged over £25 will receive this bonus.

This development coincides with Elite creator David Braben's birthday. We're sure he's elated right now. Happy birthday, David!

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