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Escape Goat 2 announced for PC

But unconfirmed for XBLIG, where the first Escape Goat debuted.

Indie puzzle/platformer Escape Goat may have begun as an XBLIG game, but it became far more successful once its creator Ian Stocker ported it to PC. As such, its recently announced sequel Escape Goat 2 will be heading to PC first, though other platforms are being considered. It's slated for release sometime in 2013.

For those unfamiliar with Escape Goat, think a 2D Ico - only instead of a boy with horns, you play as a goat. And instead of teaming up with an angelic teenage girl, your companion in captivity is a mouse.

Stocker explained in an interview with Indiestatik that one of the most notable enhancements to this sequel will be the art style as he's hired TigerStyle (Waking Mars, Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor) artist Randy O'Connor to spruce up the visuals.

The sequel will continue the single-screen challenges of the first Escape Goat, but it will add new hats - which Stocker confirmed won't be sold as DLC.

When asked about a level editor, Stocker replied, "This is yet to be decided, since something like this could delay the release by over a month. It's possible that it will be added after launch if I don't have time to get it into version 1.0. I'd really like something like this, because there are some amazing user-created levels for EG1, but I bet most players don't know where to find them (hint: my forum magicaltimebean.com/forum)."

Regarding platforms, Stocker explained, "Escape Goat 2 will start as a PC release and then move to other platforms, but no word on whether it will come to XBLIG or not."

I asked Stocker if perhaps this meant it could be a fully fledged XBLA or PSN title and whether he was in talks with any publishers for a console version. "There are no XBLA (or other high end distribution) plans right now," he said. "We're just focused on making a great PC game that we'll distribute ourselves, and on Steam if they'll have us. I'd love to get a contract for some bigger channels, and I think getting traction on PC is a good first step towards that."

If you're curious what all the goat-escaping hubbub is about, check out the browser-based demo for the first Escape Goat here.

Escape Goat 2, pre-alpha.