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Hypnotic Hotline Miami soundtrack on sale, proceeds go to artists

Ain't, no, "Horse Steppin'". Oh there actually is.

Hotline Miami is all about its soundtrack, that stylish "sort of hazy neon electronica", as Tom Bramwell nailed it in his 10/10 review of the game.

That soundtrack is available to buy now on Steam. So what, right? So not only is it a great soundtrack, all nine artists featured on it get a proceed of the sales if you buy it.

At £7 it's steep - twice the price of Hotline Miami on Steam this weekend, actually.

But, you know, you might want to spend the money to reward the artists or something. One of the songs is called "Horse Steppin" after all.

And here's a horse party.

Here's the tracklist:

  1. Sun Araw - Horse Steppin
  2. Sun Araw - Deep Cover
  3. Coconuts - Silver Lights
  4. M|O|O|N - Paris
  5. M|O|O|N - Crystals
  6. M|O|O|N - Hydrogen
  7. M|O|O|N - Release
  8. Jasper Byrne - Hotline
  9. Jasper Byrne - Miami
  10. El Huervo feat. Shelby Cinca - Daisuke
  11. El Huervo - Crush
  12. El Huervo - Turf
  13. Perturbator - Miami Disco
  14. Perturbator - Electric Dreams
  15. Perturbator - Vengance
  16. Scattle - Knock Knock
  17. Scattle - Inner Animal
  18. Scattle - It's Safe Now
  19. Scattle - Flatline
  20. Eliott Berlin - Musikk Per Automatikk
  21. Eirik Suhrke - A New Morning