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Watch: Chris plays Hotline Miami for the first time, gets quite into violence

In this week's Late to the Party.

I've listened to the Hotline Miami soundtrack so many times I've only just started to love it again, having temporarily ruined almost every track through countless replays. As a result, I was pretty confident I knew what this game was all about. I've seen people play it before! It's vibrant and violent and the slightest mistake usually results in an abrupt death.

All of these things are true, but as Johnny points out early on, there's something about this game that only clicks when you're playing it for yourself. There's a zenlike state that takes over as you tap R to restart and throw yourself back into a level for the seventh or eight attempt. Initial caution gives way to instinct and it feels VERY GOOD.

So yes, in conclusion, I should have played this game long before now. Sorry about that.

Also, Johnny and I get very excited about violence in this video, so that's worrying too.

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Hotline Miami

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