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Minecraft XBLA outsold Minecraft PC in 2012

Absolutely bonkers success.

Runt of the litter no longer - the Xbox Live Arcade version of Minecraft sold more copies than the PC edition in 2012.

5,002,370 copies to the PC's 4,177,843, Mojang revealed. Add to that the 5,899,727 yearly Minecraft: Pocket Edition sales and you have a grand annual total of 15,079,940. Not a bad year all in all.

Christmas sales were particularly rampant. On Christmas Day alone, 70,808 people bought Minecraft on PC; 100,416 people bought Minecraft on XBLA; and 283,939 bought Minecraft: Pocket Edition.

That's a Christmas Day total of 455,163 sales.

During the Christmas week of 24th December to 30th December, 241,845 people bought the game on PC; 325,591 bought it on XBLA; and 706,419 bought the Pocket Edition.

Lifetime Minecraft sales are a little harder to compute. Sales are updated in real-time for the PC version on the game's website. The count right now is 8,831,612. With those extra sales added our grand total moves up to 18,909,182.

The XBLA version only launched this year so the 2012 total is all we need. But the Pocket Edition launched in 2011, and exact sales for back then are hard to come by. It took the Android version until March 2012 to break 1 million sales.

There's a new version of Minecraft planned for this year: Minecraft: Pi Edition. This is an adapted Pocket Edition for Raspberry Pis, and it will completely free to download.

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