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Rhythm Doctor is a rad Rhythm Paradise-esque browser game

Keep the beat, your patients alive.

If Ouendan and its western counterpart Elite Beat Agents has taught us anything it's that rhythm games tend to have goofy scenarios and the browser based Rhythm Doctor is no exception.

You play as a doctor with an extremely long arm that needs to resuscitate patients' hearts in tandem with every seventh beat on the soundtrack. What separates Rhythm Doctor from other games of its ilk is how harsh its timing requirements are. According to developer fizzd on TIGForums (thanks, the margin for error is .02 seconds!

Things get more complicated as multiple patients are added to the mix and you need to keep track of each one's (heart)beat. Thankfully, there are visual queues as well as claps to help keep you in sync, but it's still sadistically difficult.

One word of warning, Rhythm Doctor doesn't perform as well on Chrome due to the Pepperflash plugin, though this can be disabled manually if you want to go that route.

This is only a demo for a work in progress, but one can only wonder how developers Hafiz Azman and Winston Lee will expand it in the full game. See Rhythm Doctor action in this Let's Play video below and play the game for free here.

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