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Origin goes open alpha on Mac today for "a few thousand" people

"Mac gamers rejoice," apparently.

"Mac gamers rejoice," writes EA, because Origin for Mac will be "launching soon".

Boy is he ever happy!

Today it goes into open alpha for "a few thousand" people. Cross your fingers and download the client if you want to try and take part.

The Origin Store tab isn't live in the alpha but will be in the full version, somewhat obviously. One-click Twitch streaming isn't there either but will be added "as soon as possible".

Included in the open alpha is a free copy of PopCap's Bookworm. What do you mean you can't remember our nearly six-year-old review of the game? In summary: it's really good. EA says you can keep the game as well, you lucky devil you.

Don't forget the Origin FAQ.

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