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Capcom Arcade Cabinet: Retro Game Collection revealed

UPDATE: Confirmed for the west, teases games.

UPDATE: Capcom has confirmed that Capcom Arcade Collection will be released in the west.

"So it looks as if the CAC's out of the bag, and the world's officially onto our plans to unleash a number of cherished 8-bit arcade games as part as Capcom's 30th Anniversary," Capcom USA said. "The Capcom Arcade Cabinet will feature numerous classic Capcom games as digital downloads for PS3 and 360, and it is definitely coming to western territories.

"We're holding the CAC cards close to our chest for now, but we'll be releasing full details regarding dates, pricing, specific titles, and everything else on February 7th so stay tuned.

Capcom released the following images by way of teasing the games that will be included in the collection:

A poster for 1987 Capcom arcade game Black Tiger.

ORIGINAL STORY: Famitsu magazine has revealed Capcom Arcade Cabinet: Retro Game Collection.

It's a new line of downloadable arcade game ports that ties into Capcom's upcoming 30th anniversary, Polygon reported.

It's for PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade and focuses on Eighties games, the early Capcom games that helped establish the Japanese company.

"I can't go into details on titles yet," said producer Kenji Kataoka, "but we're definitely focusing on the games that came out earlier on in our history. These are completely faithful reproductions, too.

“You used to have arcade games ported to the NES and such and wind up being completely different titles on that platform, but that's not the case here. Even if there were bugs in the original, we've kept them in there if we felt we needed to in order to retain the original feel of the game."

The first game of the series is 1987 side-scroller Black Tiger. 1942, Commando, Gun.Smoke and Trojan all look set to feature.

New modes will be added to the games to help combat their extreme difficulty. "For example, you can adjust the strength of your attacks, the range of collision detection, and so forth," Kataoka explained.

"This allows you to engage in training, and we've got support for turbo buttons and arcade sticks as well. I was able to use these functions to reach the ending on pretty much all of the games [we have planned], so they're great for people who were annoyed they couldn't beat them back then. For people [who don't want changes], it's set up so all additional functions can be turned on and off."

An announcement proper is expected early next month.