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Google will donate 15,000 Raspberry Pi computers to UK schools

A recipe for success.

UK schools will receive a donation of 15,000 Raspberry Pi Model B computers, courtesy of Google.

Game jam.

The search giant's generous Google Giving arm will fund the cost, the Rasperry Pi Foundation announced today.

Each of the 15,000 credit card-sized computers will go to children who will best benefit from having their own Raspberry Pi to code on, as chosen by various UK educational partners.

Exam board OCR has also promised to produce 15,000 free teaching and learning packs to go alongside the new technology.

"We're absolutely made up over the news; this is a brilliant way for us to find kids all over the country whose aptitude for computing can now be explored properly," Raspberry Pi spokesperson Liz Upton explained.

"We believe that access to tools is a fundamental necessity in finding out who you are and what you're good at. We want those tools to be within everybody's grasp, right from the start."