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Little Inferno bursts onto iPad this week

The National Fire Protection Association isn't so keen on the game.

The World of Goo and Henry Hatsworth creators' subversive satire Little Inferno is coming to iPads 2 and up on 31st January, developer Tomorrow Corporation has announced on the company blog.

Sparky the Fire Dog means well, but he's also a dog and spends more time sniffing butts than playing video games, so he's not exactly a credible source.

Previously Little Inferno was only on Wii U and PC, where it was one of last year's most charming - and meaningful - games. It tasked players with chucking their most prized possessions into a fire to stay warm, only so they could order bigger and better items to ignite. It was a parody of the way many mobile and Facebook games operate, so the jump to Apple's ubiquitous tablet is a fitting match.

Not everyone saw it that way, though. The National Fire Protection Association (and its mascot, Sparky the Fire Dog) found "The name alone is cause for concern," and the developer's description of the game - "Throw your toys into the fire, and play with them as they burn" - "encourages the worst of behaviors."

As others have pointed out, this is missing the point entirely and the game even begins with a disclaimer stating: ''WARNING! Do not play with fire."

For more on Little Inferno, check out Chris Donlan's 8/10 review or grab its spectacular soundtrack for the brilliant price of free.

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