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10 years later, the brilliant Little Inferno will get an expansion


Little Inferno is a smart indie puzzle game about putting things in a fireplace and watching them burn, with a clever story about commercialisation. 10 years later, it's getting an expansion.

It's been a long time coming - so long, the Ho Ho Holiday expansion (available to wishlist on Steam and Epic) will now reach us at a time we can't afford to heat our actual homes.

On a brighter note, Ho Ho Holiday adds a new story, 20 more toys to put in your fireplace, and 50 fresh combinations to uncover as you incinerate certain objects at the same time.

Little Inferno's Ho Ho Holiday expansion.

Brilliantly, there's also a virtual Yule Log mode. Take that, Netflix.

I have to admit, I'm quietly stunned to see Little Inferno get a slab of new content after so long. I originally played the game in 2012 back on Wii U - which, sadly, won't receive the expansion now.

Ho Ho Holiday will instead arrive on 18th November for PC via Steam, Epic and GOG, plus Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android devices.

"Little Inferno's a satire, preoccupied with the systems that thread themselves through consumerism and compulsion," Christian Donlan wrote, recommending the game in Eurogamer's Little Inferno review, "willingly lost inside the weird muddled thrall pulling acquisition and destruction together".

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Little Inferno

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