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Downton Abbey reimagined as an SNES game

You must be the new footman.

YouTube user Bill Kiley has reimagined popular TV series Downton Abbey as a 16-bit Super Nintendo game in the brilliant fake trailer below.

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While sadly not playable, Kiley should be commended for not only composing a totally catchy chiptunes cover of the show's theme, but finding a way to convert the drudgery of service in a posh English estate into tried-and-true game mechanics in a way that totally fits the fiction.

As a new footman, you'll have to collect missing cigars for a dinner party, help Mary Crawley spy on Mrs. Patmore - whom she suspects is trying to poison Matthew with her cooking - and aid Anna in fluffing pillows so you can read a letter from her jailed husband. Even setting a table recalls the climax of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade where you have to deduce which of several spoons is meant for bouillon. All the while the comforting, self-assured Mr. Carson saves your progress, as every good butler should.

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