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Ex-Gas Powered Games dev starts his own Kickstarter for survival/base-building game Roam

An isometric four-player procedurally generated action RPG hybrid.

The remaining members of Gas Powered Games may be in a pickle with the Wildman Kickstarter only a third funded, but that hasn't stopped its laid off staffer Ryan Sharr from starting his own Kickstarter with his colleague Zach Barson for the zombie apocalypse/base-building game Roam.

Roam is an isometric strategy action game in which you wander around a zombie-infested wasteland scavenging supplies, so you can build a base to defend yourself from waves of the undead. It will support up to four-player co-op.

Each stage will be procedurally generated and the world becomes increasingly more dangerous as time goes on. NPCs will react to your choices, zombies may mutate to become extra dangerous, and bandits may raid your supplies.

While exploring you'll be able to choose whether you want to approach the undead directly or stealth your way through, and Roam will have RPG elements like customisable gear and equipment. You'll even be able to recruit NPCs into your survival group or dismiss them if they're causing too much trouble. Not all NPCs will be friendly though, and some may loot your camp.

Roam also boasts "skill-based aiming," so you can target individual zombie parts and they'll react accordingly.

While Roam is looking for $40,000, the developers said they'll add customisable vehicles at $45K, a player skill system at $50K, and a will dish out more swag for their backers if the Kickstarter hits $60K.

Those who pledge $15 will receive a digital copy of Roam upon its release, as well as early beta access three or so months ahead of that. Donating another $10 gets you a digital soundtrack and survival kit i.e. you'll start each session with better gear, and $55 gets you all of the above only with four beta keys and survival kits, so you can play it early with friends.

In four days Roam has already raised $25,091 towards its $40,000 goal with 25 days to go before the 24th February deadline. It's currently slated for release around January 2014 on PC and Mac.

Check out the pre-alpha footage of Roam below. Bear in mind that this was created by two guys in a scant six weeks.

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