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Australia's first 18-rated game is...

It'll bloody stump you.

Australia's first R18+ game has been named as Ninja Garden: Raise the Hedge, err I mean Ninja Gaiden: Razor's Edge, on Wii U.

It's a watershed moment for a country where, until 1st January 2013, games weren't allowed to use the R 18+ rating that films could.

"It's great to finally see Australian adults have access to video games designed specifically for mature audiences, after more than 10 years working with government, families, businesses and the broader community to introduce an R18+ category," commented Ron Curry, CEO of the Interactive Games & Entertainment Association.

Pity the first R18+ game wasn't a better one. Martin Robinson's review went up this morning on Eurogamer. Razor's Edge is a better game than Ninja Gaiden 3, "but sadly it's far from a brilliant one", he wrote.

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