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Monkey Island creator announces The Cave release date

Ron Gilbert's adventure game return due next week.

Monkey Island mastermind Ron Gilbert has announced a release date for The Cave, his return to the adventure game genre and collaboration with Brütal Legend developer Double Fine.

The Cave will launch on PSN in North America and globally for Wii U on 22nd January, Gilbert wrote on Twitter.

Xbox Live Arcade, European PSN and Steam (PC, Mac and Linux) versions will follow on 23rd January.

It'll cost £9.99/€12.99/$14.99 or 1200 Microsoft Points.

Gilbert's creation sees players guide a team of characters through a sentient cavern filled with puzzle-based traps and outlandish solutions.

A release on mobile platforms is also likely, Gilbert told Eurogamer last month.

"We are looking at touch-based platforms really, really closely," he explained. "We haven't made a final call on it but I do most of my gaming these days on my iPad and iPhone. Having it on those devices would be really, really great."

Watch Ron Gilbert discuss his plans for the future of the Monkey Island series with Eurogamer below.

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