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Okami HD, The Cave, Thomas Was Alone for PlayStation Plus in April

Plus 90 days bonus membership if you renew.

April's free games for PlayStation Plus members include updated classic Okami HD, just-released Double Fine adventure The Cave and the BAFTA-nominated Thomas Was Alone.

As an added bonus, anyone who signs up to or renews a PlayStation Plus membership before 10th April will get an extra 90 days membership. Not bad.

Okami HD, The Cave and bloody Lord of the Rings RPG War in the North all become available on 3rd April as part of the PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection.

The three will replace outgoing titles Mass Effect 3, Mortal Kombat and Guardians of Middle Earth.

Acclaimed Vita adventure Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward arrives on 10th April to replace the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection.

Finally, indie puzzle platformer Thomas Was Alone turns up on its PlayStation 3/Vita release date of 24th April to replace Puddle.

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