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Baldur's Gate 3, Street Fighter and Lost Ark developers discuss.

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The New Year's Far Cryathlon, Ron Gilbert on Disney and the latest on Aliens.

Happy 2013, Eurogamers! We hope you have have at least one resolution still on the go. Outside Xbox began the year with the Far Cryathlon: not a feature reverse-engineered from a punny name, but a grand new tradition of excellence and personal betterment. In it, we undertake a trio of Far Cry 3 events to test our mettle as electronic sportspersons. The first event is the prestigious Hang Glider Crash Challenge:

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Next, a word from adventure game luminary Ron Gilbert. When Disney acquired Lucasfilm late last year, it picked up game label LucasArts and the marvellous Monkey Island franchise into the bargain. How does Gilbert, creator of the series, feel about Disney owning Monkey Island? Not great, it turns out:

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Finally, we chatted to a senior environment artist on Aliens: Colonial Marines. With a film as aesthetically distinctive as Aliens, one challenge has been ensuring the game matches the movie closely enough to trigger the warm, fuzzy feeling of familiarity. Watch on for Gearbox's take on the 'look' of Aliens, how the Unreal Engine had to be tweaked to accommodate it, and where there was room for creativity:

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For all this, plus us getting to deadly grips with Assassin's Creed III's multiplayer and the latest Minecraft update, head on over to www.outsidexbox.com.

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