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First Tomb Raider multiplayer details revealed

Team Deathmatch! Experience points! Loadouts!

Official Xbox Magazine has revealed the first Tomb Raider multiplayer details.

A member of the Tomb Raider forum summarised the information included in the magazine's reveal.

As known, Team Deathmatch is one multiplayer mode available. You play as one of a team of Lara's surviving allies or as one of a group of hostile natives called scavengers in a best of three match that has players alternate between sides.

As well as enemy players, you face lever-based traps that shoot spikes out of walls and destructible environments such as bridges. Weapons available include the bow used by Lara in the single-player campaign.

Another game type is called Rescue. Here, survivors collect med packs and deliver them to destinations on the map while scavengers aim for a high kill count. In this mode you have bleed out time enemies can cut short with a brutal finisher. The map OXM played for this mode was called Wind Chasm, described as tropical with traps, vantage points and junk.

And there's a mode called Cry for Help, which sounds a bit different. Here the emphasis is on discovery and collection as opposed to combat. How this works, exactly, remains to be seen.

In multiplayer there are a number of characters to pick from with different stats and loadouts. A loadout might consist of a firearm/bow, a sidearm, a grenade style projectile and a climbing axe that can be used as a melee weapon.

Experienced points can be spent on improving stats and buying new characters.

As Eurogamer reported yesterday, the Tomb Raider multiplayer was created by Eidos Montreal, the Square Enix-owned studio responsible for Deus Ex: Human Revolution and the upcoming Thief 4. The game is out in March.

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