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Nintendo announces new Yoshi, Fire Emblem games for Wii U

Plus new project from Xenoblade dev Monolith Soft.

Nintendo has announced new Yoshi, Fire Emblem, Wii Party games, and a new project from Xenoblade Chronicles developer Monolith Soft, all bound for Wii U.

The new Yoshi game is a spiritual successor to Kirby's Epic Yarn for Wii. It features the same patchwork graphical style 2D platforming, albeit in much more detailed environments.

The unnamed title (let's call it Yoshi's Epic Yarn) is being directed by Takashi Tezuka, who helmed classics such as Yoshi's Island and Yoshi's Story. News of the game's announcement tallies with earlier leaks which suggested a new Yoshi title for Wii U was on the way.

Nintendo's new Fire Emblem game will be a collaboration with Atlus, and a crossover with that developer's Shin-Megami Tensei RPG series. It's unimaginatively titled Fire Emblem vs. Shin-Megami Tensei. Otherwise, details are scarce.

Monolith Soft, developer of the acclaimed Wii role-player Xenoblade Chronicles, is creating a new untitled RPG for Wii U. Initial footage evoked both Xenoblade and Monster Hunter, with a player working both alone and with others to take down huge beasts.

The game will also feature jetpack mech-suits and some kind of motorbike to get around on. It's being directed by Xenosaga and Xenogears legend Tetsuya Takahashi, and may well be another in the Xeno series - the trailer concluded with the series' trademark X splashed across the screen.

Less excitingly, another Wii Party title is also on the way. Due this year, it includes a number of games for two players using just the GamePad.

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