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Project Shield: Nvidia's Android-based portable that streams PC games


Graphics technology company Nvidia has unveiled Project Shield, an Android-based gaming handheld capable of streaming games from your PC.

It sounds like all games on your computer will be accessible, as well as all Google Play games you may already own. You can even use Steam's Big Picture mode on the device.

The clamshell-style portable will be available in the US in "Q2 2013", Forbes reports, for an as-yet unannounced price.

The device's top half boasts a five-inch flip-top display (1280x720 at 294 dpi), capable of 720p HD. Beneath this lies something similar to a standard home console gaming controller, complete with dual analogue sticks, D-pad and ABXY face buttons.

There's also an HDMI port for video output, plus micro USB and microSD slots.

"Project Shield was created by Nvidia engineers who love to game and imagined a new way to play," said Jen-Hsun Huang, CEO and co-founder of Nvidia. "We were inspired by a vision that the rise of mobile and cloud technologies will free us from our boxes, letting us game anywhere, on any screen.

"We imagined a device that would do for games what the iPod and Kindle have done for music and books, letting us play in a cool new way. We hope other gamers love Shield as much as we do."

Watch Nvidia demo the unit below, streaming Need for Speed: The Run onto a 4K display without any noticeable lag or performance issues.

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