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Dead Rising dev making Capcom's "next big game" - and it doesn't have zombies

Plus, Dead Rising 3 next-gen rumours swirl.

Capcom Vancouver, the developer of the Dead Rising series, is working on Capcom's "next big game", it's announced.

“Capcom has one of the industry's greatest back catalogues but for our next project we've been given the opportunity to create Capcom's next big game,” reads an update on the developer's website under the heading: New Game.

“We're just getting started with the game so this is a great chance to really get your hands deep into the design,” the studio continued, calling for staff to apply for jobs. “It's your opportunity to put your stamp on a game early in the development process.”

This new game is not another entry in the Dead Rising series. “PS... NO ZOMBIES,” the website says.

Speaking of Dead Rising, reports are circulating that Dead Rising 3 is in full production. A post on LinkedIn calling for staff notes Capcom Vancouver has two unannounced projects in the works. This new game and Dead Rising 3 look like a good shout.

“We need the help of smart, passionate and dedicated people to help us make our open world action games!” it says.

In December 2011 a report claimed Dead Rising 3 is set in California and stars a new lead character.

According to the report, the game is set in the fictional town of Los Perdidos, which is locked down and under martial law following a zombie outbreak. Dead Rising 3 apparently stars Rick, who along with a group of survivors plans to leave the town. Rick is described as an orphan who works as an auto mechanic. He attempts to fix a plane and escape Los Perdidos before a bomb goes off and destroys the city.

Dead Rising 3 apparently deals with the issue of illegal immigration. Red, another new character, leads an underground group of "illegals" who are infected. Red's girlfriend is Annie, who is sympathetic to the infected. One of the psychos is a biker who drives a "Roller Hog", a motorbike with a steam roller on the front.

Dead Rising 3 is rumoured to be a next-generation console and PC game. Will we see it at E3 in June?

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