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Treasure Adventure Game getting remade as Treasure Adventure World

Wind Waker-esque Metroidvania freeware game spruced up into a commercial release.

2011's free indie title Treasure Adventure Game was a well-received labour of love from Stephen Orlando, aka Robit Studios, that combined the bright, sea-faring setting of Wind Waker with a retro 2D Metroidvania design. It made a bit of a splash in the indie game community and now Orlando is remaking it in conjunction with developer Chucklefish as Treasure Adventure World.

This enhanced rendition of Orlando's cult-favourite will feature hand-drawn art by Christine Crossley, new music by Treasure Adventure Game composer Robert Ellis, a smoother engine, refined enemy AI, and new puzzles, equipment and treasure. The story elements will also be fleshed out further with more cutscenes and new multiple endings.

Treasure Adventure World will "delight fans of classic gaming, adventure games and platformers as well as those who appreciate beautiful hand-drawn 2D art, or a story filled with mysteries, ancient demons and parrots," said Orlando on the game's official site.

Unfortunately, platforms, releases dates and pricing are yet to be determines. For now, check out Treasure Adventure World's debut trailer or download the original game here.

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