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Jurassic Park mod would be impressive even without John Williams' score

Dino crisis.

A dedicated group of fans is creating a shockingly faithful Jurassic Park adaptation using Half-Life 2's Source engine.

The project, entitled Jurassic Life, will add new enemies, AI, weapons, animations, models and textures. True to the series, certain dinosaurs will be particularly clever (most likely raptors), and will lurk in the bushes and only ambush you when you let your guard down.

Based on the trailer below, Jurassic Life may not be a graphical showstopper but it looks pretty darned impressive for a fan-made mod on the creaky Source engine. Its detailed rendition of Isla Nublar certainly looks better than Telltale's commercial Jurassic Park game from last year anyway.

You'll play as security expert Robert "clever girl" Muldoon, ostensibly before he gets eaten by velociraptors. According to the developers, Jurassic Life "will be like a side story which includes several scenes from the original film." A bit like Jurassic Park's actual sequel then, eh?

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