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Star Wars 1313 will release on PlayStation 3 this year, Sony Facebook page says

UPDATE: LucasArts says Sony post is inaccurate.

UPDATE: LucasArts has told Eurogamer the PlayStation Germany Facebook page post published earlier today was "inaccurate".

"We have not confirmed any platforms yet for 1313 and do not have any announcements to make at this time," a spokeswoman said.

ORIGINAL STORY: Star Wars 1313 will release on PlayStation 3 this year, according to Sony's PlayStation Germany Facebook page (via NeoGAF).

Today the update was posted alongside screenshots and artwork for the game. It comes as some surprise - we've heard little about Star Wars 1313 since it was revealed at E3 in June last year.

When the game was announced an impressive trailer was released showing visuals that looked too good for the current generation of consoles.

The gameplay video sparked speculation that 1313 was in fact a cross-generation title designed to release on current-generation consoles and next-generation consoles.

At the time developer LucasArts declined to announce the intended platforms, although did say the game was being developed using Unreal Engine 3 and the video was captured from a PC./p>

Star Wars 1313 has been dark since Gamescom 2012. Some believe the lack of news to be a sign that it is indeed a next-generation game. New consoles from Microsoft and Sony are rumoured to be due out at the end of this year.

If 1313 is due out on PS3 this year it follows that it will also release on PC and Xbox 360 this year.

LucasArts, parent LucasFilm and the Star Wars IP were acquired by Disney in a gargantuan $4.05 billion deal back in October.

We've asked LucasArts for comment.

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