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Yes, yes, but is it a next-gen game or not?

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Travel 1000 levels down to Coruscant's underworld.

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Cancelled Star Wars Episode 7 game starred Luke's son

Cancelled Star Wars Episode 7 game starred Luke's son

Facing off against an evil Solo.

Back in 2008 a series of logos for cancelled Star Wars games were revealed in the book Rogue Leaders: The Story of LucasArts. Yesterday it came to light that one of these titles, Star Wars Episode 7: Shadows of the Sith, would have starred Luke Skywalker's son facing off against an evil Solo offspring.

Former LucasArts creative director Haden Blackman told Cinelinx that this was basically his concept and it was conceived back in 2004 when George Lucas was adamant that Revenge of the Sith would be the final film in the franchise. The thinking at the time was that the series' chronology could continue in game form.

"Episode 7: Shadows of the Sith would have put you in the role of an adult Ben Skywalker," Haden explained, referencing Luke's son who was born in the Star Wars Expanded Universe book series New Jedi Order.

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Before Star Wars 1313 was cancelled and its trademark abandoned, it was shaping up to be pretty cool. We knew it would have starred a young Boba Fett and featured a noir plot about tauntaun smuggling and now we have a better sense at what it would have looked like too.

LucasArts spills the beans on what Star Wars 1313 could have been

Gorgeous concept art shows a new side of the franchise.

Earlier this year LucasFilm confirmed that its canned Star Wars noir spin-off, Star Wars 1313, was about everyone's favourite grappling hook-weilding bounty hunter Boba Fett. Now an anonymous former developer on the project spilled the beans to IGN about what the project would have entailed.

FeatureE3 Reaction: The Next Generation Arrives at E3

Amidst franchise fatigue it seemed that while the platform holders might not be ready for the next gen just yet, others most definitely are.

It's a funny place we've found ourselves in at this year's E3 - if not necessarily stuck between a rock and a hard place then certainly trapped in an awkward twilight, having old tech repackaged and resold to us while we marvel at a future that's very much here amongst us, even if certain parties refuse to acknowledge it.

Star Wars 1313 Preview: The Force Uncharted

FeatureStar Wars 1313 Preview: The Force Uncharted

LucasArt's mature game offers pretty graphics, but is there much more to it?

George Lucas may have gone downhill as a director over the last three decades, but he's remained at the vanguard of special effects and high production values. Industrial Light & Magic, Lucasfilm, and Skywalker Sound are all among the best production companies in their respective fields and now they're all working together to lend their expertise to Star Wars 1313, the first mature-rated game from LucasArts.

"Star Wars 1313 is about being a bounty hunter in the most dangerous place in the galaxy," says game director Dominic Robilliard. The 1313th floor of Coruscant is a subterranean den of vice deep in the planet's core. As for the bounty hunter, he's now a stand-in model for a yet to be revealed character. Given that the title is a reference to CT-1313, an alias of Boba Fett's, (thanks, Wikia!) it's not hard to make a connection to the green grappling-hooked bounty hunter.

But for now we're stuck with a guy who kind of looks like Simon Parkin. He's also an expert in shooting, jumping, and climbing. These common videogame protagonist skills may sound like a missed opportunity for a Star Wars title, but Robilliard seeks to make a game that isn't mired in fantasy. Well, except for the robot assassins and space cruisers.

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Mature Star Wars game 1313 announced

Mature Star Wars game 1313 announced

Third person action adventure from LucasArts.

LucasArts has announced the 18 rated third person action adventure game Star Wars 1313.

This mature-themed Star Wars game is made by LucasArts and various Lucasfilm studios, including Industrial Light & Magic, Lucasfilm Animation and Skywalker Sound.

You play a bounty hunter in a "never before seen dark and mature world". It "brings to life" the Coruscant underworld, "the most dangerous place" in the Star Wars galaxy. There's mention of a "high octane thrill ride", "epic action adventure gameplay", "agile" cover-based combat, "epic platforming" and "seamless cinematic gameplay".

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