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Star Wars 1313 rears head in new montage video, screenshots

Bounty full.

Screenshots and a new video have been released for gorgeous bounty hunter Star Wars game 1313.

But, whoa there Tonto - don't get too excited. The video stitches together footage we've already seen. A rousing production, but one devoid of anything obviously new. Also, while the spliced footage contains gameplay, to label it as such would be misleading - this isn't a walkthrough of a level, but a montage of what the game offers, down on level 1313.

What's more, the screenshots appear to be captured from the same video footage.

Nevertheless, I thought you'd appreciate seeing them. And I've thrown some concept art in for good measure.

Star Wars 1313 was unveiled back at E3 and got lots of people talking about how it may be a next-generation, or cross-generation - as the trend may be - game. Our Jeffrey Matulef wrote a Star Wars 1313 preview back at E3.

The video.

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