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Star Wars 1313 concept art shows what could have been

I know.

Before Star Wars 1313 was cancelled and its trademark abandoned, it was shaping up to be pretty cool. We knew it would have starred a young Boba Fett and featured a noir plot about tauntaun smuggling and now we have a better sense at what it would have looked like too.

Tron Legacy and Star Trek Into Darkness artist Bruno Werneck revealed some of his 2009 concept art for the canned project on his portfolio Filmpaint (thanks, Polygon). The seven images revealed are rather diverse and evocative bringing to mind Blade Runner, the original Star Wars trilogy, and a more realistic take on Futurama's buried metropolis.

Take a gander at Werneck's work below. For more jaw-dropping Star Wars goodness, check out Ralph McQuarrie's concept art for the original trilogy. What I wouldn't give to have a game in that more illustrative, abstract style.