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Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon to include local multiplayer

UPDATE: Nintendo confirms details. Will it suck?

UPDATE: Nintendo has confirmed the existence Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon's multiplayer mode. Up to four players will be able to enter a towering 'Scarescraper' and work together to defeat floors of ghosts.

Named 'Hunter Mode', the local and online offering sounds a bit like the Luigi's Mansion mini-game in Nintendo Land, with players working together to suck up ghosts and revive fallen friends. You'll be able to choose between 5, 10, or a sky-high 25 floors, each with a boss at the end.

ORIGINAL STORY: Vacuum-cleaning ghost-'em-up Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon will include a local multiplayer mode, Nintendo has sneakily revealed.

The admission was spotted on Nintendo's own official Luigi's Mansion site over the weekend. It's the first time that the mode has been publicly mentioned.

Luigi's seen the Tomb Raider multiplayer.

Dark Moon is a sequel to Luigi's Mansion on GameCube, the under-loved launch title which is worryingly now almost 12 years old. It was a single-player-only affair, and saw Mario's hapless brother ridding a haunted house full of its ethereal occupents.

First announced at E3 2011, European 3DS owners will finally see Dark Moon released in March.

Coincidentally enough, Eurogamer's Chris Donlan donned his green cap and Poltergust to preview the game's single-player offering earlier today.

"A gentle, atmospheric blend of exploration, puzzle solving, and ghostly combat, this could be a real treat," he wrote in our just-published Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon preview.

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