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Happy Halloween! There are Luigi's Mansion Lego sets on the way

*Luigi not included.

Nintendo has revealed it's partnered with Lego to bring us three new Lego Nintendo-themed sets and this time, they're based upon everyone's favourite sidekick and his spooky adventures in Luigi's Mansion.

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"Snap on your Poltergust and get ready for some fun!" teases the trailer's description. "Defeat ghostly enemies, solve puzzles, and discover new ways to play. Join the adventure with Lego Super Mario Luigi's Mansion Sets coming soon!"

Though announced today, on Halloween, the sets will seemingly not release until 1st January, 2022. There will be three packs available - Lab and Poltergust, Haunt-and-Seek, and Entryway - although, interestingly enough, Luigi himself is apparently not included in any of them. You can get Luigi's Poltergust, King Boo, and Professor Gadd, though.

ICYMI, Nintendo and Lego recently announced an intricate and innovative folding Super Mario 64 set. Though far from the first Lego collaboration with Nintendo - it follows a year of Super Mario interactive toy releases.

As Tom explained at the time, on the surface, the set is a big yellow ? block, but inside, the model hinges and folds out to reveal Princess Peach's castle and other Super Mario 64 levels. Just don't expect any Mario or Peach minifigures: this is a microfigure-scale set, with Mario and co. represented by small bricks.