Luigi's Mansion 2


VideoLuigi's Mansion: Dark Moon footage

3DS sequel coming this "holiday" season.

VideoFirst Luigi's Mansion 2 footage

The first brother of gaming returns.

VideoNintendo reveals Luigi's Mansion 2 vid

GameCube sequel headed for 3DS.

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Luigi's Mansion 2 dev will now work exclusively with Nintendo

Luigi's Mansion 2 and Mario Strikers developer Next Level Games will work exclusively with Nintendo on future projects, the studio has announced.

There's no suggestion, however, that the Canadian team has been acquired by Nintendo (unlike entirely-owned developers such as Retro Studios or Monolith Soft).

Still, Next Level Games co-founder Jason Carr seemed satisfied with the set-up when discussing the studio's future with Gamasutra.

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Nintendo hails 3DS, Animal Crossing: New Leaf sales in the US

Nintendo 3DS had a strong month of sales in the US in June.

The handheld sold nearly 225,000 units, making it the best-selling system in the US during the month.

The impressive sales were fuelled by the launch of Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D and Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon (Luigi's Mansion 2 in the UK), which collectively increased 3DS hardware sales by more than 40 per cent over the same time last year, and software sales by a whopping 105 per cent over the same time last year.

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Register three of eight Nintendo 3DS games to get another free

Luigi's Mansion 2! Fire Emblem: Awakening! Animal Crossing: New Leaf! More!

UPDATE: Nintendo UK has told Eurogamer that to qualify for the promotion all you have to do is register the appropriate games by 30th June 2013. It doesn't matter when they were registered as long as it's before this date.

FeatureEurogamer meets Luigi

Well, the man that does the voice, anyway.

Although Spring might not have arrived in any meaningful sense, I suspect a lot of people spent the long Easter weekend engaged in the traditional spring cleaning session nonetheless. I certainly did - vacuuming down cobwebs, removing stray pieces of wallpaper, and blinding ghosts with my flashlight.

Luigi's Mansion 2 review

Luigi has always been the human face of the Super Mario Bros. - and let's face it, they could do with one. Irrepressible, indomitable, upbeat to a frankly rather irritating fault, Mario - who meets every situation with a WOO-HOO! - is a global icon for a reason, but that reason is not that he's easy to identify with. He started out as an everyman turned superhero, but he's since become an abstraction, a squawking bundle of heroic momentum hiding behind a moustache. He's loveable, but not exactly likeable.

Luigi usually serves as his comic foil and Nintendo hasn't spared the whip, imbuing him with all the failings his brother lacks. 2001's Luigi's Mansion - a very rare starring role for the green beanpole - memorably spoofed his cowardice, gullibility and greed in a comic adventure that had him winning a spook-infested pile in a contest he'd never entered. Luigi wandered its cobwebbed halls, knock-kneed, hastily hoovering up shiny loot as well as ghosts and calling weakly for his missing brother at the tap of a button.

It was a charming and original game and it's fondly remembered - though at the time, following the epoch-making Super Mario masterpieces of the '90s, this compact caper seemed like little more than a sketch. Almost 12 years later, Luigi gets a second shot at a leading role in this sequel for 3DS, and this time there'll be no half measures. This is his moment. Luigi's Mansion 2 (known as Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon in North America) is a wonderful fulfilment of that game's promise - and it also makes Luigi into a bonafide star.

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Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon to include local multiplayer

UPDATE: Nintendo confirms details. Will it suck?

UPDATE: Nintendo has confirmed the existence Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon's multiplayer mode. Up to four players will be able to enter a towering 'Scarescraper' and work together to defeat floors of ghosts.

FeatureLuigi's Mansion: Dark Moon - the Mushroom Kingdom Metroidvania

Mario's brother's back amongst the ghosts, and that's good news for everyone.

Rain splattering through the branches of the trees, a darkened path leading to a clanking gate, a stately house looming out of the storm clouds: any number of survival horror games could choose to start this way, but only one of them would then interrupt the scene with the plinky-plonking ringtone of your modified Nintendo DS communicator going off. Professor E. Gadd's on the line, and that means that the man in green is back on the case. Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon preview code has apparated in the office (okay, it actually came by courier) and there are ghosts to be hunted.

FeatureEurogamer's favourite Halloween games

Which grim grinning greats should keep you company on the scariest night of the year?

Don't answer the doorbell tonight: the local kids haven't put much effort into their costumes, and besides, some of them are hepped up on goofballs by the sounds of it. Instead, stay indoors and dust off your GBA, your GameCube, or, um, your smartphone, and play some spooky games instead.

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon confirmed as downloadable

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon confirmed as downloadable

As well as boxed retail release.

Ghost-fighting sequel Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon will be available to download from the Nintendo 3DS eShop when it launches during this year's "holiday" season.

That's in addition to the game's standard boxed release in shops.

It's Nintendo's second full retail game confirmed to be getting the day-one download treatment. The first is New Super Mario Bros. 2, due this summer.

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FeatureEurogamer's Best of E3 2011

Game of the Show, Best Tech, Best Publisher and more.

It began, as ever, with a leak. With just hours to go until Microsoft's absurdly lavish... Wait a second, this is last year's intro. Oh well, it turns out it still works: where last year we heard about Kinect before we'd even donned our space ponchos, this year we knew about Halo 4 and several new Kinect sequels before Don Mattrick even had a chance to start educating us about "growth and innovation".

FeatureLuigi's Mansion 2

Vacuum preserved.

Pity the younger brother. Always dressed in hand-me-downs, always the sidekick, always in big bro's shadow. So it was for Luigi, beanpole brother and comic foil to Mario, the most famous face in games.

Luigi's Mansion 2 announced

Luigi's Mansion 2 announced

GameCube favourite returns.

GameCube Mario spin-off Luigi's Mansion is coming to 3DS, Nintendo announced during its E3 show today.

Luigi's Mansion 2 will feature "several new mansions" and innovative use of 3D. It's an entirely new game - not a port - built from the ground up for the system.

A trailer for the game showed familiar ghost-hoovering gameplay we'll have it up on the site asap.

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