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War of the Roses given a dose of Scottish mercenary medicine

Another free update, another reason to try it.

War of the Roses, that medieval deathmatch online fighting game we heartily recommended ("Battlefield with broadswords" someone described it as), welcomes Scottish weapons and armour today.


The Gallowglass Mercenary Pack is free and includes Gallowglass mail armour and helmet, two new axes and a Half-lang sword. The latter is a hand-and-a-half sword like a Bastard sword.

The Gallowglass Mercenary Pack is apparently the latest in a line of additions that have expanded the game since its launch in October. Others include snow-covered maps (oh how current affairs) and the Pitched Battle mode.

Really this news story is just another chance for me to recommend War of the Roses. It's a bit odd, often hilarious and silly, but also deceptively skilful. Eurogamer gave it 8/10 of course.

The good news after release was that it was successful enough for publisher Paradox to establish a War of the Roses team that's committed to improving the game and making "substantial" new content.

It's £25 on Steam but it's only £11.25 from Paradox's shop.

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