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Success for War of the Roses means permanent franchise team established

It's here to stay!

Charmingly different online medieval deathmatch game War of the Roses has been such a success that maker Paradox has formed a permanent franchise team for it.

It's so lifelike.

That's a commitment to future improvements and "substantial" new content - something our Paul Dean crossed his fingers for in our War of the Roses review.

Maybe it also means there'll be a sequel.

Success was denoted by Paradox as "strong sales"; "thousands" are playing the game online.

The permanent franchise team will be led by former Battlefield producer Gordon Van Dyke and maybe Mary Poppins if she'll join him.

War of the Roses is officially "a team-based third-person action game set in 15th century England". It's a historical dust up, in other words. Pick a team, pick a class (these unlock as you earn experience), stave faces in. There are swords, battle axes, lances, crossbows, bows - all sorts. There's an inventive way to wield these, too.

Our Paul Dean heralded War of the Roses as "innovative" and even "slapstick". He recommended it with a gauntleted 8/10 thumbs up.

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