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This week on Outside Xbox

Dead Space 3, Terraria on Xbox and falling out.

Hello Eurogamer, hope everything's going just swimmingly. This week we've been working ourselves into an unseemly froth over the fact that Fallout 4 is all but guaranteed to be a launch window title for the next round of consoles. It's not hard to identify the appeal of post-apocalyptic fiction - everyone likes to imagine how they would survive after the breakdown of society. Fallout allows you to play it.

Unfortunately what we've come to realise is that in most post-apocalyptic fiction, it's the gangs of marauding bandits that are usually having the best time. They're usually relatively well fed and sometimes they're even riding around in a neat pick-up truck. Perhaps that's why in this week's Show of the Week, which looks at the rumours surrounding Fallout 4, Jane swiftly abandons all pretence of morality.

We also had the chance to get our hands on the Xbox 360 version of Terraria and while 505 Games is probably cautious about comparing it to Minecraft, we're happy to do so. It's like Minecraft, only in two dimensions. It sold gangbusters on Steam, so we're expecting it to, quite literally, carve out a niche for itself on XBLA as well.

Finally, for those who signed up via EA's Origin service, the Dead Space 3 demo arrived this week. We took it for a co-op spin to see if its icy new setting was enough to give us chills. And we promise we only mention Lost Planet 3 once.

Also on the site, an exhaustive guide to finding every single key in DmC, if you're looking to put new Dante's adventure to rest, and a video where we subject ourselves to the horrors of indie game White Noise. Oh and far be it from us to let the inherent ridiculousness of unboxing videos stop us from doing an unboxing video, as we wrestle with the blister pack surroundingthe new Tomb Raider controller . See you next week!

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