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Sleeping Dogs: Year of the Snake DLC details leak

Happy new year for next week.

Kung-fu fighting romp Sleeping Dogs will soon be expanded in Year of the Snake, a new add-on themed around Chinese New Year.

The expansion has yet to be officially announced by publisher Square Enix, although a small teaser trailer has been posted online and the DLC's PlayStation Trophies have now been leaked.

It's a fair guess that it will launch around Chinese New Year on 10th February.

Trophy information (thanks Exophase) reveals the add-on will involve joining a bomb squad and defeating cultists, as well as acquiring yet more collectibles and other macguffins scattered about the game's virtual Hong Kong.

We've asked Square Enix for more details.

Sleeping Dogs earned a decent 7/10 in its Eurogamer review last August, although vampire-filled Halloween add-on Nightmare in North Point faired less well.

Footage from Year of the Snake lies below.

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