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Sine Mora lead collaborating on another Japanese-Hungarian shmup for 2014

But first he's making iOS puzzler Rotolla with Akira Yamaoka, due next month.

Former Digital Reality creative director Theodore Reiker - best known for his work on the shockingly sophisticated shmup, Sine Mora - has left to start a new studio, Prior Games, where he'll be working on another Japanese-Hungarian co-developed shmup for 2014.


Codenamed Project Verona, little is known about it, but Reiker said in an interview with Joystiq that it would be "more conservative in its gameplay and less ambiguous in its storytelling," and that it will branch out of the genre's conventions.

Reiker also noted that he'll be working on a series of mobile "microgames" in the meantime in the vein of Nintendo's minimalist bit.Generations and Art Style series.

The first of these, Rotolla, is described as "a hybrid of Tetris' gameplay and our mad love of hexagons since Super Hexagon." It will feature a soundtrack by legendary Silent Hill and Sine Mora composer Akira Yamaoka.

"Our plan is to release four microgames this year and a second wave of three titles next year," Reiker explained. "We are a small company and we do not want to grow beyond 15 persons... We would like to keep the 'manufacture' feeling even if the company size is limiting the scope of our output."