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Wildman in action as Gas Powered Games demos new game in video

Taylor made.

You can buy this costume if you like.

Gas Powered Games has shared a fairly long video of its new PC game Wildman in action.

Gas Powered Games' lively leader Chris Taylor does all the talking while another staff member takes Wildman into a village and clubs a load of cavemen to death. There's blood even at this early stage, but it's a cartoony slaughter so it's all okay.

GPG hopes to fund Wildman using Kickstarter. Most projects aren't up and running like Wildman this early on, so that's a promising sign.

Gas Powered Games is after $1.1 million. It's raised over $166,400 at the time of writing.

Wildman is an action-RPG with MOBA-style RTS battles mixed in. It's got great pedigree coming from the studio that built Supreme Commander, Demigod and Dungeon Siege.

I spoke to Chris Taylor last week about Wildman last week.

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