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Amazing crossover trailer imagines if all games were Hotline Miami

Wreck it Richard or Hotline Miami vs. Your Childhood.

Youtube user PulpitPower has created one of the most clever, cohesive comedic crossovers of our time with Wreck it Richard (Hotline Miami VS. Your Childhood), a "what if?" scenario that imagines Dennaton Games' masked psychopathic protagonist co-existing with several of our most beloved retro (or at least retro-looking) properties.

Amazingly, the look of the made up hodgepodge of franchises looks remarkably consistent. Pac-Man's blue nemesis Inky looks rather suspicious on the other end of that phone, Link's health meter of hearts depletes with every thrashing, a car-chase/game of chicken through Frogger's highway fits comfortably with the fiction, and the massacre of Super Meat Boys set against the backdrop of Super Hexagon is such a psychedelic assault on the senses that it wouldn't have looked out of place in the actual Hotline Miami.

Sure it's no Hotline Miami 2, but some of these crossover ideas actually look pretty fun and one can't help but wonder if the actual sequel will take any inspiration from them. Check out Wreck it Richard below.

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