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Revengeance trailer shows off several boss fights

Spoiler warning, obv.

A new trailer for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance highlights four of Raiden's main adversaries: three of which we see extensive in-game footage of their battles.

The first, Minstral, has been shown off before, but her umpteen cybernetic arms that make her look like a mix between MGS4's Screaming Mantis and Asura is still as cool as ever. Monsoon is a man whose body is separated into loads of tiny segments that can disconnect and pull themselves together. He's been briefly glimpsed before, but now we can actually see what it's like to fight the shape-shifting foe. Sundowner is a large brutish man who can swing comically large pipes as long as the screen when he's not wielding two serrated blades in one hand.

And finally, Samuel is that Vamp-looking fella who we only get to see in cutscenes, probably because he's a main villain and Konami doesn't want to spoil all its best tricks a month before Revengeance's release on 22nd February.

If you can't wait until then, a three-stage demo will be out in Europe on 23rd January on Xbox Live and PSN.

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Metal Gear Solid: Rising

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