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Resident Evil: Revelations Xbox 360 port spotted again as Achievements list leaks

3DS adventure looks set to rise once more.

A list of Xbox 360 Achievements for Resident Evil: Revelations has been leaked, strongly suggesting the game's under-wraps home console port will be announced soon.

Resident Evil publisher Capcom has yet to formally announce PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 versions of Revelations, which originally launched for 3DS last year.

Intriguingly, the list (acquired by X360A) includes 1000G worth of Achievements, an amount reserved for physical releases. Previous Xbox 360 ports such as Resident Evil 4 had 1000G despite only being available digitally in Europe and North America - the game was released on disc in Japan. Is Capcom planning a similar method of release again?

We first got wind of Revelations' console port when it was listed for release on PS3 and Xbox 360 via the Korean Ratings Board, back in November. Capcom refused to comment on the slip-up at the time.

Revelations is the most traditional Resident Evil title since series peak Resident Evil 4 - something many fans have wanted subsequent releases to hark back to.

A console port of Revelations would neatly bridge the gap between last year's disappointing Resident Evil 6 and whatever comes next - surely for a future generation of consoles.

"Capcom has not made any announcements for this title on this SKU," a representative of the publisher told Eurogamer in response.