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DmC gets vintage Dante and other skins as DLC

UPDATE: Priced and dated for Europe. Not in a million years, eh?

Update: The new DmC skins will be released in Europe on 30th January and in North America the previous day on PSN and Xbox Live. The pack containing, "Classic Dante," "Dark Dante," and "Neo Dante" will be priced at £3.19 / €3.99 / $4.00 / 320 Microsoft points.

Original story: DmC Devil May Cry is getting three new skins for Dante, including one based on the series' original design, Capcom has announced.

All three costumes are due as a pack on 30th January on Xbox Live and PSN in Japan, where it will cost ¥400 (just under £3) or 320 Microsoft points. We've contacted Capcom about a UK release and are awaiting confirmation.

Of the three costumes, there's the iconic long white hair and red trench coat Dante that inspired so much nerd rage when it was revealed that the new protagonist wouldn't look like him. There's also the new short-haired Dante with white hair in a blue trench coat that looks something like an "if they mated" scenario between DmC's Dante and Virgil (best not to think about), and the final one appears to be Dante in his confused 16-year old goth-meets-ska phase.

Of course, these new skins won't quiet the type of die-hard oldschool fanboys who created a government petition to remove the game for its supposed misuse of the license (which has since been removed due to complete and utter stupidity), as these costumes won't be applied to the cutscenes since Dante's appearance changes throughout the course of the game. For example, in new game plus Dante starts out wearing his trench coat, but then he goes back to being in his undershirt in the cutscenes because there's a cinematic where he finds his coat. He can't exactly find it if he's already wearing it now, can he?