DMC Devil May Cry

Ninja Theory's controversial reinvention has a few rough patches, but nails what matters: the furious combat and Dante's gorgeous arrogance.


DmC: Vergil's Downfall review

Better the devil you know.

Digital FoundryDmC PC - the definitive Devil May Cry experience?

60FPS gameplay is back but is this enough to silence the controversy? Digital Foundry investigates.

VideoDmC Devil May Cry live stream today

Watch live gameplay and win stuff from 17:30 GMT / 18:30 CET.

Key events

15th January 2013

Face-Off: DmC Devil May Cry

14th January 2013

DmC Devil May Cry review

6th January 2012

Interesting Sequels of 2012

16th August 2011

DmC: Devil May Cry gameplay

15th September 2010

Devil May Cry reveal trailer

Capcom Humble Bundle lets you pay what you want for DmC

Resident Evil and Dead Rising games significantly discounted.

FeatureTwo years on, DmC takes its rightful place in the series

How and why Capcom and Ninja Theory rebooted a classic.

Digital FoundryIs DmC Devil May Cry Definitive Edition a worthy upgrade?

Digital Foundry stacks up the PS4 remaster against the existing PS3 and PC games.

PlayStation Plus gets Don't Starve, DmC, Borderlands 2

Vita gets Soul Sacrifice and Blazblue.

Ninja Theory confirms it'll keep making console games

After reports indicated Enslaved dev intended to switch fully to mobile.

Capcom may shed half its European staff

Continental belts tightened as core titles underperform.

Capcom: "excessive outsourcing" has resulted in a "decline in quality"

Revises Resi 6, DmC sales forecasts down - again.

DmC: Vergil's Downfall review

Better the devil you know.

DmC's Vergil's Downfall DLC dated for early March

Priced at 7.29 / €8.99 / 720 MP.

Capcom reduces Devil May Cry sales target by 800k

Ships one million copies to shops.

Digital FoundryDmC PC - the definitive Devil May Cry experience?

60FPS gameplay is back but is this enough to silence the controversy? Digital Foundry investigates.

DmC sells less than half of what DMC4 did in Japan

But still tops the charts, just as it did in the UK.

DmC gets vintage Dante and other skins as DLC

UPDATE: Priced and dated for Europe. Not in a million years, eh?

Original DMC creator a fan of the reboot

"DmC is a very unique title, and I honestly hope that people enjoy it."

DmC Devil May Cry stocked at HMV and online orders safe, Capcom reassures

But other publishers refuse to comment on stock issues.

VideoDmC Devil May Cry live stream today

Watch live gameplay and win stuff from 17:30 GMT / 18:30 CET.

VideoHands-on gameplay capture from DmC: Devil May Cry

Exclusive footage from a near-complete version.

Pre-order DmC on Steam and get DMCs 3 and 4 for an extra 10

Or get a pendant for pre-ordering on a console in the US.

DmC Devil May Cry due on PC in late January

System requirements revealed.

FeatureHow the Sex Pistols, Fight Club and James Dean made the new Dante

The creation of the reboot everybody loves to hate.

Devil May Cry: how Capcom turned public opinion around

Plus, thoughts on the frames per second debate.

Devil May Cry PC port outsourced, due after console versions

Plus, Capcom confirms Dante is the only playable character.

EGXDmC and Remember Me developer sessions at Eurogamer Expo

Ninja Theory and DONTNOD walk attendees through upcoming games.

This just in: DmC's Dante battles demonic conservative anchorman in shocking new footage

Accused of "rapidly spreading sexual disease of the unholy kind."

Capcom unveils Vergil for DMC

Better the devil you know.

Western devs "focus on the visuals", Capcom says

While Japanese devs begin by prioritising gameplay.

EGXResident Evil 6, DmC and Lost Planet 3 playable at Eurogamer Expo 2012

In addition to Assassin's Creed 3, announced last week. Loads more to come!

FeatureDmC: Devil May Cry Preview: A Rebel Yell

Ninja Theory's reinvention of Dante tears things up.

DmC Devil May Cry release date announced

Plus, PC version confirmed.

Resident Evil 6 to ship 7 million, Capcom hopes

Devil May Cry 2 million, 1.5 million for Dragon's Dogbiscuits.

Chancellor George Osborne confirms UK video games tax credits

UPDATE: UK game developers welcome decision.

Capcom reveals new DmC screens, Dante backstory

"A young man who has no respect for authority or indeed society in general."

Capcom, Ninja Theory on DmC versus Bayonetta

"You always want to go out there and beat your competitor."

VideoLatest Devil May Cry gameplay escapes

Dante's next adventure closes in.

Ninja Theory invites Devil May Cry elite to test DmC

Select few shipped into studio for feedback.

Devil May Cry screenshots splash some colour

Ninja Theory shows more Dante.

DmC is in a parallel dimension to past games

It's a different version of Dante.

VideoNew DMC Devil May Cry footage

White-haired Dante glimpsed.

Triple-A games are "crushing innovation"

"Not healthy", says DMC dev Ninja Theory.

FeatureDMC Devil May Cry

Platinum meddle.

DMC sceptics "secretly want to like it"

"It will feel like a proper Devil May Cry."

VideoDmC: Devil May Cry gameplay

Younger Dante shows his moves.

Devil May Cry HD Collection spotted

Includes first three games.

VideoCapcom devs discuss Devil May Cry vid

DMC rebirth's E3 showing dissected.

VideoNew Devil May Cry gameplay trailer

Fresh Dante footage gets destructive.

SFxT, Dragon's Dogma sales expectations

REORC, Dead Rising 2 OTR, too.

Devil May Cry film in the works

Resident Evil movie company behind deal.

Capcom planned Dante controversy

Publisher has no plans to tweak design.

Capcom told NT to "go crazy" with Dante

Initial designs were too close to original look.

New Dante inspired by James Bond reboot

DmC to "increase sales and audience".

FeatureCapcom Tells All

Devil May Cry! Asura's Wrath! Case West!

Inafune: Japan "five years behind" West

"Everyone's making awful games."

VideoDevil May Cry reveal trailer

Capcom ups the Dante.

Ninja Theory's Devil May Cry confirmed

Features "dark and brutal gameplay".