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DmC demo due next week on Xbox Live and PSN

Cry another day.

Capcom has revealed that its hotly anticipated Devil May Cry reboot will be getting a demo on Xbox Live and PSN on Wednesday 21st November - or the previous day for US PSN accounts.

The Capcom Unity blog post noted that it will contain two missions; a regular level and a boss fight. Based on the blog's screenshot, it sounds like this will be the E3 demo I previewed.

The demo will show off a few of the game's difficulty modes, with the harder Son of Sparda setting made available after completion.

Just yesterday Capcom announced post-launch DLC for DmC in which you play as Dante's twin brother Vergil. It will be a pre-order bonus in the US and Canada at Gamestop / EB Games and cost 720 MS Points / £7.29 / €8.99 for everyone else upon release.

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