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DmC Devil May Cry live stream today

Watch live gameplay and win stuff from 17:30 GMT / 18:30 CET.

It's the first big boxed game release of 2013, and it's a goodun! DmC Devil May Cry has been the subject of much scorn and scepticism pre-release, but if you read Rich Stanton's review yesterday then you'll know he feels it not only revitalises the series bit "is almost a classic in its own right".

"Don't think too much about the lows, because the highs here are so very high," Rich wrote, "and show without question that Capcom has faith in the right developer. Ninja Theory has absolutely nailed the leading man and the combat system - by far the most important things - and DmC is clearly a labour of love, a tribute as well as a new beginning."

The game is out today on PS3 and Xbox 360 with a PC release following later this month, and if you're trying to choose between the console versions then today's Digital Foundry DmC face-off will hopefully help too.

If you still need convincing though, or you're a fan who wants to see it in action first, join our YouTube man Ian Higton at 17:30 GMT / 18:30 CET today to watch him play the game live. Ian will be taking questions from people on the Eurogamer YouTube channel as he plays and also has some DmC bits and bobs to give away to viewers.

Oh! And this probably goes without saying, but Ian will be showing off stuff in the game that could be considered SPOILER territory, so if you're sensitive about having Dante's adventure violated then please bear that in mind.

Watch on YouTube

You will be able to join in with the embed above, or head over to YouTube to post comments and subscribe to the channel. We'll have a lot more live streams, Let's Plays, video interviews and other treats on there throughout the year.

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