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Microsoft's 64GB Surface Pro has just 23GB usable storage

Someone else pick up the tab?

Buy a 64GB Microsoft Surface Pro tablet and you will only get 23GB worth of usable storage.

The forthcoming model is due to launch in North America next week, priced $899 (£570), alongside the larger 128GB version, priced $999 (£630).

Punching it won't help.

The 128GB model has 83GB of usable storage, The Verge reports.

Both tablets will use the full version of Windows 8 rather than the slimmed down Windows RT for tablets. The full-fat operating system alone hogs 20GB of space, with other room taken up by built-in apps and a recovery partition.

All of these add up to 41GB worth of unusable room - almost two thirds of the space on the 64GB model.

You can free up additional storage by creating a separate backup bootable USB and deleting the recovery partition, Microsoft has said.

Microsoft has yet to announce a European launch date for the Surface Pro. The tablet's colourful Touch and Type keyboard covers are sold separately for $120 and $130 (£76/£82).