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Capcom stealthily releases a free Ghostbusters game on iOS

For when there's anything strange in your neighborhood.

80's classic foursome the Ghostbusters are starring in Capcom's new iOS RPG simply titled Ghostbusters, which sneakily came out on the App Store earlier today.

The free-to-play game casts players in the role of the Ghostbusters as you recruit new members and tackle supernatural foes across the Big Apple. Combat occurs in real-time as you drag your squad around and issue commands to them. As you scale a tower haunted by the spirit of that poor co-ed Venkman kept torturing at the start of the original film, you'll earn points to unlock new equipment, squad members and abilities to tackle increasingly sinister supernatural forces.

While Ghostbusters is a free game some of its content is unlocked through finding the keymaster - er, I mean, in-app purchases.

Ghostbusters is developed by Beeline, the studio that made the apparently pretty good 'Splosion Man clone, MaXplosion. See it in action in the trailer below.

Cover image for YouTube video

Unfortunately the music doesn't contain lyrics, putting you in the perpetual state of starting a karaoke song where you're constantly about to jump in at the wrong time.