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Increpare's tripping balls simulator Slave of God is one hallucinative dose of WTF

Seizure warning!

English Country Tune creator Stephen "Increpare" Lavelle has made the greatest assault to the senses since Pikachu gave all those Japanese kids seizures back in 1997.

Slave of God is a free first-person experimental game about excessive drug use and clubbing... I think. It was a little hard to tell as the walls kept swirling and flashing in a cacophony of neon. Slave of God is so bewildering to look at that it makes other electropop dreamscapes like Rez, Child of Eden and Dyad look positively quaint in comparison. The downside is it's liable to cause headaches. I'm pretty sure that playing this game while hungover is a form of torture in less civilized parts of the world.

But if you have the resolve for it Slave of God is a unique experience that's unlike anything else out there. I gave up after pissing on a bathroom door and getting smashed as my noggin was starting to throb, but I then found the video below that demonstrated that there actually is more to see and discover in this ostentatious pulsating world of drugs, booze and colours. Check it out on PC and Mac here.

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