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PlayStation Vita-exclusive Killzone: Mercenary gets release date, new trailer

Guerilla marketing.

PlayStation Vita shooter Killzone: Mercenary will launch in the UK on 18th September, Sony has announced.

The game's action sees players return to events following the first Killzone and revisit moments from throughout the trilogy. Except now you're a work-for-anyone, cold-blooded mercenary. Booyah!

The portable title features nine hour-long missions and an eight-man multiplayer mode. You get a fat bank account which collects your earnings from both, which you can use to beef your character up with new gear and weapons.

Mercenary is the first title in the series not to be developed by franchise founders Guerilla Games. It's instead being created by new sister studio Guerilla Cambridge (which previously converted the LittleBigPlanet series for the PSP).

"Buy guns! Buy the best!" screams a new trailer below, which shows off the game's lovely-looking Killzone 3 engine.

Jessie J claimed it wasn't all about the money, money, money. But Killzone: Mercury is. "For the perks. For the money. War is our business."

Cover image for YouTube videoKillzone Mercenary gameplay trailer