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One of the PS Vita's best games has unexpectedly gone offline

UPDATE: False alarm! Servers are back up.

UPDATE 1/6/20: Seems it was a false alarm, as Killzone: Mercenary's servers are reportedly back online. Hurray!

ORIGINAL STORY 31/5/20: Sony has reportedly closed down the servers for PlayStation Vita shooter, Killzone: Mercenary, seemingly without notice.

As yet it's unclear why the servers were turned off, but first fans gathered on Reddit to question why they couldn't get into multiplayer games (thanks, Digital Trends), and then to voice their dismay about rumours that purport it's been taken offline for good.

While Sony has yet to formally comment on the closure - and there's no word on the removal on the official website - players have reached out to Sony representatives who have allegedly confirmed the game has been taken offline.

"I was actually on support chat with Sony when I saw this post. I asked the rep, and he checked internally and confirmed they were shut down," said one commenter.

Players are now attempting to get Sony to overturn the decision, stating the lack of notice may violate the company's own terms of service, particularly as some players claim to have only recently purchased it. Others are unhappy that they had yet to complete the final platinum trophy.

We've reached out to Sony for comment and will update as/when we hear back.

ICYMI, PSVR title, Dark Eclipse - which only released in 2018 - is the next game getting the server chop. Players have until 15th June to spend any remaining in-game currency - Dark Coins - and after that date, both singleplayer and multiplayer modes will be unavailable.

The most recent casualty is karaoke game SingStar, which closed its servers on 31st January. Offline features will remain available, but all online functionality, network features, and song purchases were disabled as of 23:59pm on 31st January 2020.

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