Killzone Mercenary

Key events

One of the PS Vita's best games has unexpectedly gone offline

UPDATE: False alarm! Servers are back up.

Vita FPS Killzone Mercenary gets PlayStation TV support

And reworked touch mechanics for DualShock controls.

Sony insists Vita is here to stay

But don't expect games like Uncharted or Killzone again.

Digital FoundryInside Killzone: Mercenary

Digital Foundry vs. Guerrilla Cambridge on the tech secrets of mobile's most advanced FPS.

Killzone: Mercenary review

One for the money.

Sony engineers working on PS Vita "cost reduction" for post-2012 price cut

Points to bundles, big franchises, PS Mobile and PSone emulation for this year.

VideoKillzone Mercenary announcement trailer

Part of Sony's big Vita push.

Will there be a Killzone 4?

Guerrilla has "a lot of room to expand".

Sony Cambridge making Killzone NGP

In "good hands", says Guerrilla.

VideoSony shows NGP gameplay footage

Killzone! Uncharted! LBP! Resistance!

Tretton on PSP2 NGP: Games are critical

"2011 will be one of our biggest years yet."

PSP2 games: the NGP line-up

Uncharted! Killzone! WipEout! Resistance!